Mako “Things I Like”: 2020

The annual Mako “Things I Like” report for 2020

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Here it is folks - the sixth annual end of year report:
The 2020 guide to “things that I like”.

It’s an ongoing attempt to keep track of things/apps/processes that I have found useful in surrounding myself with, an ongoing attempt to maximize my daily workflow and put me in the ‘zone’. Like everyone else, this year has taken a wild and unseen turn over the last 12 months, and where I would be normally be running through what’s new in my EDC and my mobile setup, this year has been firmly focused on maximizing my mental health, balancing lots of Zoom calls, and optimizing my “at home” work environment. It saw lots of unexpected pivots from what I used to be focused on with lots of changes in positive ways that were unexpected.

The theme for 2020 was not focused on optimizing time between meetings and travel — but a constant drive on finding better ways that I could mentally survive and thrive.

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